Configuring a NetBIOS Name Server

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Name resolution, or converting names as humans use them into numeric IP addresses as computers use them, is an important part of most networking systems. Most networking protocols today rely upon the Domain Name System (DNS) for name resolution, but this isn’t true of SMB/CIFS. SMB/CIFS relies on DNS only partially and unofficially or when using “raw” SMB over TCP, as opposed to NetBIOS over TCP/IP (NBT). Instead, SMB/CIFS uses its own methods of name resolution, which include broadcasts, a file called lmhosts in which mappings are stored, and a NetBIOS Name Server (NBNS), a.k.a. the Windows Internet Name Service (WINS; this is Microsoft’s name for its NBNS implementation, but the acronym is used elsewhere, including in the names of some Samba parameters). Samba can function as an NBNS system, and this chapter is devoted to describing this and other name resolution tasks.


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