Starting Off

  • Erik Sherman


As the numbers drop, I move faster. Dried twigs snap, leaves rustle. I’m on the hunt this late autumn morn. The display on my GPS receiver shows 517...453...326. Although I’ve been hiking for several miles, my body urges me to run, but I must resist, keeping my senses alert to avoid missing the quarry. The count drops, drops—well under 200 feet—then suddenly starts to climb. I freeze and look behind me. I see a small opening in the trees and brush. Entering, I follow a minor trail into a clearing, once the foundation of a cabin with a spectacular lake view. Just inside the ring of stone, two large pieces of birch bark nestled below one of the rocks look suspicious. I move them and find it: a geocache. A plastic container placed in a hollow contains knick-knacks. Opening it, I place a plastic pen and take a pin—my trophy. The container goes back into its corner and the bark into place.


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