After Spending Two Weeks At My Parents House


My mother has always been kind of dotty. Always never hears what I said the first time so I have to yell it the second, a little forgetful, sweet and a source of enormous comfort but not the first one you’d go to for help with your science homework. So she went to the doctor the other day and he gave her a series of memory tests, stuff like repeating back a series of numbers or letters, and having her draw the time on a blank clock face. The doctor reported that she couldnt read the clock past eight o’clock. She denies that the test ever took place. There are no other witnesses. The doctor wants to start her on some medication for the first stages of what are they calling it now, it’s not senility but it’s not Alzheimer’s, eitherChrw(133) god maybe I have it, too! I don’t know, the first stages of advanced dottiness, I guess. But she read the prescription and once she saw what it was for she said, basically, Y’all can go fuck yourselves, I’m not taking that shit.


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