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You will learn to create an event-notification service in this chapter. So what is event notification? Actually, event notification is common in our everyday life. We can spot it almost everywhere. For example, you can register for a news alert, having CNN e-mail breaking news. You want to be notified when some breaking “event” occurs. It is a much more effective way of receiving breaking news than watching CNN on TV and waiting for breaking news to appear. Breaking news does not occur very often. If you have set up a news alert, you can work on other things during a slow news day. If you had no other choice than to catch the breaking news as it is being broadcast on TV, you would have to sit in front of your TV set all day and achieve nothing. The efficiency of event notification can be easily transferred to application development. In every application, regardless size, you can always identify clients and servers, or service consumers and service providers, for whom event notification would be of benefit.


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