In the previous chapter, you laid the foundation for your first report by creating a query and subsequent stored procedure. You also learned about the fundamental elements used to build reports and are now familiar with the design environment. So, it is time to put all the pieces together and begin building reports. You can easily apply the concepts in this chapter to any company that uses SQL Server and relational database systems. This chapter will focus primarily on creating a reporting solution based on data from a SQL Server health-care database; it will use many of the report elements that have been available since SSRS’s inception in SQL Server 2000 through 2005 plus several new features available in Reporting Services for SQL Server 2008. SSRS 2008 introduces many new features such as report variables, enhanced charting, and data visualization. The most significant addition is that of Tablix data regions. We are excited to incorporate these significant and long-awaited enhancements to the reports featured in this book.


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