What this chapter covers:
  • What are DependencyProperties

  • How DependencyProperties are set

  • How DependencyProperties can solve a real-world problem

  • Creating a custom UserControl with custom DependencyProperties

WPF provides a set of services that are used to extend the functionality of the common language runtime (CLR) property known as the WPF property system. DependencyProperties are properties that are backed by the WPF property system. That, of course, is Microsoft’s official definition of DependencyProperties, but it does not tell you the developer much about them or, more importantly, how to use them. Fortunately for you, I have worked with them for quite some time, and I can offer you a much more “human” definition, and also give you hands-on experience in using them and even creating your own custom DependencyProperties. With that, let’s get started.


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