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Oracle has made numerous enhancements to Oracle Database 11g security. In fact, Oracle has taken security more seriously than ever. Starting with Oracle Database 11g, passwords are now case-sensitive, and the password algorithm has changed to Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-1) instead of the Data Encryption Standard (DES)-based hash algorithm. There is a significant amount of out-of-the-box security improvements geared to providing a higher sense of security for corporate environments. Oracle Database 11g introduces the concept of tablespace-level encryption to attack the data-at-rest concerns while addressing performance and feasibility concerns. Oracle Database 11g can govern fine-grained network access from the database. Enterprise Manager Database Console fully supports transparent data encryption and the majority of the security features introduced in Oracle Database 11g. Large Objects (LOBs) are completely reengineered for performance and security, including the ability to be encrypted.


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