The last chapter included an introduction to Flash Lite in general and offered an in-depth look at the first globally available version of the player, Flash Lite 1.1. This chapter looks into the next major and minor versions of the Flash Lite Player and the myriad changes that have taken place between them and their predecessor. Before you start to think that reading the last chapter might have been a waste of time, rest assured, the Flash Lite 2.0 and 2.1 players play back Flash 1.1 movies with 100 percent backward compatibility. Add to that the length of time it took the Flash 1.1 player to go from developer release to being found on a viable number of publicly available handsets, and you can see that you can get very comfortable with Flash Lite 1.1 for the foreseeable future, with all of your accumulated knowledge being directly applicable to Flash Lite 2.X development when you are ready to make the transition.


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