Case Study: Device Blogging



MMAPI is a terrific tool for building purposeful and multimedia-enabled rich applications. However, to make full use of MMAPI, you must know how it works and how it relates to the rest of the APIs in the MIDlet world.

This chapter has culminated the knowledge path that you started in Chapter 1. The Device Blog MIDlet application is a useable and functional application that showcases a thorough use of MMAPI. Device Blog shows that you can successfully integrate MMAPI with the rest of the Java ME API and build business and entertainment applications.

The Device Blog MIDlet application is not complete, however. It can be extended to include MIDI and Tone Blog entries, and the server side can be made more robust and scalable. However, that was not the aim of this case study. It has shown you the way, and you are invited to experiment with it. I look forward to your entries on the Device Blog server!


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