Managing MIDI Using MIDIControl, TempoControl, and PitchControl



MIDI is an extensive and diverse communication protocol for transmission of audio messages. It is a widely used protocol for digital music, and MMAPI does well to support MIDI by providing MIDIControl as a separate control.

Of course, the exact level of support varies between MMAPI implementations, with the most basic support being the capability to play MIDI files. This chapter introduced you to the concepts of MIDI, including a guide on how MIDI works and an overview of its message structure.

MMAPI allows you to control MIDI files without actually needing to use a MIDIControl control, and this chapter showed you how, using VolumeControl, PitchControl, and TempoControl only.

Of course, greater control is provided by using MIDIControl, which was shown with the help of various examples, including working with soundbanks, program and control change messages, and the like.

The next chapter will show you how to work with audio and video in MMAPI, one of the most exciting parts of this specification.


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