MMAPI Architecture



The MMAPI architecture was purposefully built to be extensible and not cater to a particular format or protocol. DataSources, Players, and Controls make the MMAPI a very flexible API that gives freedom to its implementers to support any media types, and at the same time, be true to the contract specified between the MMAPI interfaces.

This chapter explained this contract by specifying the MMAPI architecture. You saw the way the interfaces interact with each other and how device manufacturers can implement them. Using three different MMAPI implementations, you saw the different contents and protocols that they supported and how they still provided support for the basic MMAPI/MIDP 2.0 subset. Finally, you understood the security issues involved in using the libraries and classes of MMAPI.

The next chapter will leave the theory of MMAPI behind for a moment to introduce your very first media player using MMAPI.


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