The following are the key points covered in this chapter:
  • We talked about the importance of market data and how it is consumed by market professionals across the financial trading value chain to arrive at informed trading decisions.

  • We provided a basic overview of the important network concepts and protocols such as the TCP/IP core stack, IP, and ICMP.

  • We covered the advantages of using DNS, which provides better name resolution functionality.

  • We demonstrated how to use UDP with the help of a market data producer and consumer example.

  • We discussed the advantages of using TCP over UDP.

  • We discussed the types of conventions followed by computers when interpreting and packaging multibyte numbers.

  • We showed how to implement a generic code to preserve a message boundary.

  • We covered the different types of network broadcast techniques: solicited and unsolicited broadcast.

  • Finally, we showed how to implement a prototype of a broadcast engine that uses a network multicast feature to publish market data.


Dimethyl Anhydride Naphtha Volatility Dial 


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