Automation with Console-Based Testware


In this chapter, you have seen that a Console application can be a useful tool when you want to automate test lab setups. You saw two examples: one that created a useful report about the PC itself and one that automated an installation after it checked this report. You also saw how to work with command-line arguments and how to create your own. Finally, you saw how by using a combination of simple tools, such as batch files and the Task Scheduler, you can create a system that will automate lab setups—a process that can save your company time and money.

Of course, this example used text files to save both the report data from the InspectPC and the SetUp testware applications. In many professional testing suites, you will find that they use a database to store this kind of data instead. You can build your testware to do this as well, but you will need more experience with database programming. To get started, you will take a look at databases and how to work with them in Chapter 8.


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