Integration Services


SSIS has changed significantly since SQL Server 2000. The result of this rearchitecture is a truly enterprise-ready, scalable, and extensible ETL application.

In this chapter, you learned about some of the features introduced in SSIS, as well as the new integrated development environment (IDE). You learned about the new division of labor within the SSIS Designer: Control Flow and Data Flow. You examined all the tasks and features available for use both in the Control Flow and Data Flow toolboxes. You were introduced to the improved logging features, variables, and debugging features. Lastly, you reviewed how you can deploy and schedule SSIS packages as SQL Server Agent jobs.

This chapter just barely scratches the surface of SSIS. Coverage of SSIS could easily fill an entire book of its own (and has certainly done so in previous versions), so be on the lookout for a future Apress title devoted to SSIS.


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