Exploring JavaScript Debugging Tools and Techniques


Regardless of the environment in which you’re developing, you’re bound to make some mistakes. Some studies estimate that as much as 50 percent of a developer’s time is spent figuring out other people’s code and finding and fixing errors.

The tools and techniques outlined in this chapter will help you track down and terminate bugs with a minimum amount of time and effort. The Greasemonkey extension for Firefox allows a user script to run that can help you debug the actual Ajax requests and responses that are sent from the browser to the server and back again. This tool can help determine whether a bug is occurring on the browser side or the server side. The Microsoft Script Debugger is a JavaScript debugger that integrates with Microsoft Internet Explorer and provides basic debugging facilities such as breakpoints and variable inspection and editing. Venkman is a JavaScript debugger that integrates with Mozilla-based browsers such as Firefox and that provides more advanced debugging features such as intelligent breakpoints and performance profiling.

You no longer need to avoid Ajax or JavaScript development because no productivity tools are available. Using the tools and techniques described in this chapter, you can confidently begin expanding your Ajax and JavaScript development, knowing that if troubles arise, you have the tools available to find the problems and fix them.


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