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We have provided in this chapter an introduction to Web Services technology. We described Web Services as an implementation of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) that allows distributed components to publish and/or consume services made available by other components. We described the technologies pertinent to Web Services such as UDDI for discovery, WSDL for interface description, and SOAP for interaction.

JST provides several tools for the creation and use of Web Services, and in this chapter we have described such tools. Two of these that we discussed in great detail include the Web Services wizard and the Web Service Client wizard, which are used for creating Web Services and consuming Web Services, respectively.

We also took a look at the Web Services Explorer tool, including provisions of this tool to browse Web Services within UDDI registries as well as test the functionality of these Web Services. We further discussed how this tool provides users with the ability to publish information to a UDDI registry.


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