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Troubleshooting a database server can be a stressful experience, especially if the problem is occurring in your production environment and affecting the availability of your application. A good database administrator is familiar with the details of MySQL and knows exactly what to do when a situation arises. This includes having a thorough knowledge of how to use the troubleshooting tools and where to look for answers.

We spent a significant portion of the chapter discussing the various tools and logs that are the foundation for dealing with specific problems. We then went through a number of different common problems and gave details on possible causes and solutions. Our goal was to provide some detailed information, as well as to show you examples of the methodology for working through problems.

As you combine the knowledge of MySQL administration with the honing of your real-time problem-solving skills, you will become more capable of surviving a problem in your database without unnecessary stress and wasted time. This, in turn, will please the users of your database, as well as your manager, customers, and clients.


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