I Was Frightened. Instantly, I Thought of Death, of Dying …

  • Nadire Mater


It was exactly midnight, the moon was setting, and we were on the Turk Ismail peak. My buddy was smoking a cigarette, the soldier at the thermal camera in front of us was also smoking but the light of his cigarette could not be seen. The first rocket exploded five meters in front of us. One of our soldiers was using a big mortar. When he pulled the illumination cartridge, he exposed the location of the mortar. I shouted, “Lie down.” We were visible to the enemy. A soldier got wounded on his shoulder. The medic at the station gave instructions over the wireless, “If his wound is bleeding, apply tampon.” There was no officer with us; it was only me as sergeant and a secondary team sergeant. The soldier was bleeding; he was in fear of death. … We didn’t know where his wound was. We were only a couple of meters away from him, but we could not go near him, afraid that we would be shot the moment we stood up. Of course, the wounded soldier still had his gun in his hand. Some soldiers were pulling the pin of hand-grenades; others were pulling the illumination cartridges by mistake. The explosion caused a bleeding in my ear and I couldn’t hear well. Our post was a higher-level food and munitions supplies post. The combat location was 2–3 kilometers away from the Iranian Station. Because of the short trees and shrubs all around us, I couldn’t see anything through the thermal camera. It was impossible to distinguish a human being from a tree or a rock. The location was under heavy tank fire.


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