The Greatest Advantage of the State Is to Send the Twenty-Year-Old Youth to the Region

  • Nadire Mater


It was some time in March and the weather was quite cold. The life there is quite different, of course, not like here. The local people are against the military. If we left at night on foot for a certain destination, we arrived only in the morning. It is also that the region is poor and deprived. If you go downtown for shopping, whatever you ask for, they don’t have it. They also discriminate against you. If you are a soldier, they don’t sell you anything. But there were no threats. If we got a notice and left at night to lay an ambush, a five-year-old child would ask us if we are going to the Selam Mountain or to the Munzur Mountain. He would know what we were up to better than we did. One night, a sound-bomb exploded. The night guard caught the person who threw it. He turned out to be the technician who had repaired our television a week ago.


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