Secret Hauntings

Seamus Deane’s Reading in the Dark (1996), Joseph O’Connor’s The Salesman (1998), Jennifer Johnston’s Fool’s Sanctuary (1987), Mary Leland’s The Killeen (1985) and Linda Anderson’s To Stay Alive (1984)
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Even from the few texts mentioned in the previous chapters concerning characters that find themselves in a psychological and cultural timelag, it is clear that the rewriting of lifescripts is an important subject in Irish fiction. This process of rewriting, because it arises from the way characters are inevitably located between ‘relocation’ and ‘reinscription’, in Bhabha’s terms, involves a disarming of the past. This disarming of the past at the level of individual characters, as I suggested in the previous chapters, is often analogous of the wider re-examinations of history in which Ireland and Northern Ireland are themselves involved.


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