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Birds of Passage: The ‘Rooms of Memory’ in Romesh Gunesekera, Sunetra Gupta and Aamer Hussein

  • Susheila Nasta


How does one write ‘home’ from a house full of mirrors? In this chapter the focus will be on the narrative poetics of making memory ‘home’ in the fictions of three distinctive and post-Rushdie voices of the 1990s. In our readings of these writers, it is important not only to examine the nature of what is remembered and what is forgotten, but also to consider the means by which the questions raised en route open up new cycles of resistance, alternative ways of writing, reading and living the world. For it is through a journey into the incommensurable spaces within memory itself that these writers enact individual passages, which can no longer be sustained by the recognition of any easily identifiable or firm boundary lines whether of tradition, language, place or time. In so doing, the sounds of their voices echo like those of migrant birds, whose perennial flights into other skies mark and name the permeable boundary lines of those im/migrant histories which have always existed, to evoke the title of Paul Gilroy’s most recent study of ‘homelessness’ and diaspora, ‘between camps’.5


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