Beyond Moral Relativism and Objectivism

  • Claudio Corradetti

So far I have defended an epistemic perspective which rests between the two extreme poles of cognitive objectivism and relativism. While rejecting any approach that strays from a situated critical perspective of evaluation, I have also underscored the incoherencies arising from any theory which renounces the formulation of any normative force from within an experiential perspective of reflection. In this chapter, I further investigate my initial insights by extending the scope of the proposed approach to the moral and political realm. For this reason, in the following I consider the challenge that moral relativism and objectivism present to any pretension of universality in morality, while maintaining the objective of formulating an initial frame of understanding for a non objectivist and a non relativist justification of human rights principles.


Civil Society Moral Judgment Moral Relativism Ethical Life Dialogical Activity 
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