Open-Source Languages

  • Sandro Rigo
  • Luiz Santos
  • Rodolfo Azevedo
  • Guido Araujo


The main goal of this book is to enable Electronic System Level (ESL) research based on an open-source infrastructure. Two key components in this infrastructure are SystemC, as a hardware and system description language, and ArchC, as an architecture description language. In order to make it possible to readers that are not familiar with SystemC and/or ArchC to follow the model and platform descriptions presented in the remaining chapters of this book, this chapter briefly reviews the main concepts related to these two open-source languages. Moreover, ArchC will be put in practical use in the following chapters. Nevertheless, this chapter does not have the intention to be a complete specification or manual of these languages. Throughout the text, we point out references were a complete specification can be found.


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