Theoretical Investigation of Photo-pumping X-Ray Lasers Using Kα Line from Solid Target

  • T. Kawachi
  • Y. Kato
Conference paper
Part of the Springer Proceedings in Physics book series (SPPHY, volume 130)


New photo-pumping x-ray laser scheme is theoretically investigated, in which the wavelength matching between the aluminum Kα line (λ = 0.833816 nm) and the 2p 6-(2p 1/2, 4d 3/2)1 transition of the neon-like zinc ions (λ = 0.83400 nm) is used. Population kinetics code of the neon-like zinc ions in plasma under the irradiation of the aluminum Kα line shows that substantial amplification gain can be expected in the transition of (2p 1/2, 3p 1/2)0 — (2p 1/2, 4d 3/2)1 at a wavelength of 3.5 nm. We also propose the experimental set-up for this scheme, which implies that this scheme is feasible under the present technology of ultra-short pulse laser and optics.


Zinc Plasma Electron Impact Excitation Amplification Gain Resonance Emission Slice Area 
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  • T. Kawachi
  • Y. Kato

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