Cross-Validation and Operational Implementation

Part of the Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing book series (RDIP, volume 14)

For the acceptance of PSI as an operational subsidence monitoring technique, the agreement with subsidence estimated from other geodetic techniques is essential. Hence, in Chap. 7, cross-validation between PSI and leveling deformation estimates is performed, considering the uncertainties of both techniques. First, it is shown by means of simulations that the spatio-temporal point density of PSI can lead to an equal or even higher precision of displacement rate estimates compared to the leveling technique, although the precision of PSI double-difference observations is lower. Secondly, the correlation between actual PSI and leveling displacements over the Groningen subsidence area is computed (period 1993–2003), which is compared to the correlation that can theoretically be achieved from repeated leveling campaigns. Geodetic misclosure teststatistics are evaluated as well. It is shown that PSI has reached the maturity to be operationally used for subsidence monitoring in the northern part of the Netherlands.


Displacement Rate Point Density Spatial Trend Spatial Sampling Deformation Signal 
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