Introduction to Advanced Geostatistics



So far we have discussed, on the classical statistics front, various types of estimators starting with arithmetic mean, lognormal estimator, estimators based on auto-regressive processes, moving average process and ARMA processes. From the point of view of the theory of regionalized variables, we have also discussed kriging estimator in the stationary case. It was Dr. D.G. Krige, a mining engineer from South Africa, who first introduced the concept of moving averages to overcome the problem of systematic over-estimation of ore reserves. Professor Matheron improved on this concept and gave a mathematical orientation to a method bringing the concept of regionalized variables and variogram. In honour of that pioneering mining engineer, Prof. Matheron coined the word “kriging’ for the method he has developed.


Ordinary Kriging Median Polish Conditional Simulation Universal Kriging Unbiased Minimum Variance Estimator 
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