The Logos of Life In The Ontic Virtualities And Devices of Life’S Individualization

  • A-T. Tymieniecka
Part of the Analecta Husserliana book series (ANHU, volume 100)

We discover the logos, the reason of all, from its operations/manifestations in concrete life. The force of the Logos manifests itself in the logos’ effusion of life. It acquires “shape” in its performance and is then intuited through that performance, from the inside, as it were. First of all, logos, the reason of reasons and the sense of everything, is not simply a set of principles articulating “matter.” It is above all a force, a driving forcethat through its modalities is accountable not only for the incipient instance of originating life in its self-individualizing process but also for the pre-origination, pre-ontopoietic ground and for the subsequent striving toward the abyss of the spirit. Life, as the ontopoietic progress of the logos’ drive in the self-individualization of beingness, emerges then as a manifestation of the ontopoietic process. It appears sua spontebut not from “nowhere.” It surges in an effusion from itself, it has no beginning and no end. “Beginning” and “end” are in time. But it is from the unfolding of the logos of life that “time” emerges. The logos is a primogenital force striving without end, surging in its impetus and seeking equipoise.


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