The Fullness of the Logos in the Key of Life Book I

Volume 100 of the series Analecta Husserliana pp 201-204

The Moral Sense and the Origin of~Conscience

  • A-T. TymienieckaAffiliated withPhenomenological Research and Learning, The World Phenomenology Institute

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Abstractly, selfhood and community seem to be distinct. But in the ontopoietic perspective we see that not only are they existentially—ontopoietically—intertwined but they also codetermine each other, in the way that the abstract notions of “object” and “subject” similarly codetermine each other. We cannot envisage the origin, genesis, unfolding of individual selves other than in their vitally/dynamically and coexistentially drawing upon each other. How then might we consider our uniquely own intimate situation in relation to the sacral logos? May we immerse ourselves in inner spiritual states, forgetting about the “world” and other human beings? I propose that this may not be so. Without entering into in-depth investigation of our inner states, which we consider uniquely veiled “mystical” elevations of the spirit toward the Ultimate, I propose to turn toward our bonds with our fellow man, which are rooted in an innermost sacral communion, wherefrom we may delineate the common sacral springs from which we together draw clear water of salvation.