Simulation Of An Historical Building Using A Tablet Mixed Reality System

  • Atsuko Kaga

Many historical timber and timber-framed buildings remain standing in Japan today. One way to promote an understanding of the characteristics of these buildings is through digital content produced using visual information related to the construction techniques and structure. The study of important historical buildings requires knowledge of various fields: architecture, history, sociology, culture, and technology. However, available data in these areas is inadequate for research. A digital archive, which could facilitate multiple uses, was considered for this study. One form of that such an archive could take is via Virtual Reality (VR), making an interactive simulation possible. The internal structure and system are regarded interactively. Each user can build, as a member of a group, one component if VR contents are used. Furthermore, if Mixed Reality (MR) technology of piling up on-the-spot photographic images and VR images on-site and in real-time were used, VR contents would be accessible and visible for people who are present on-site. Then, the historical building's interior (not normally visible), and information about its components, can be mastered in the usual manner -that is, synthetically on-site or off-site. Furthermore, this research addresses MR technology, which layers on-the-spot photographic images and VR images in real-time to realise a simulation for educational purposes related to that is related to an historical building on-site. The proposed ‘Tablet MR,’ construction of an experimental model, evaluation of accuracy, and suggestion of a system application possibility were performed.


Historical Building Virtual Reality Digital Information Mixed Reality Tablet PC 


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