A Technological Review To Develop An Ar-Based Design Supporting System

  • Jin Won Choi

The construction industry consists of broad areas like architecture, urban structures, landscapes, bridges, harbours, roads, water supply and drainage facilities, airports, et cetera. However, these need to be classified for the application of AR technology. To address this problem, we first suggest a new classification according to building types, with the sub-areas of construction industry, main participants, issues and activities at each design and construction stage. By integrating the core technology of Augmented Reality, we can suggest some application systems that can be applied to various areas of construction industry based on the development of a platform supporting design. A design support system using realistic AR techniques can bring about a change in the IT industry directly, and should indirectly have a significant impact on the traditional construction process.


Mixed Reality Augmented Reality Construction Management System Construction Process Simulation Life Cycle of Construction Industry 


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