Communication In Augmented Reality Aided Architectural Design

Aspects of Collaboration and Communication Using Tangible User Interfaces in Augmented Reality Aided Design (ARAD)
  • Hartmut Seichter

This chapter explores the connection between collaborative urban design, HCI (human computer interaction) and communication in Mixed Reality (MR) or Augmented Reality (AR) applications. Due to its nature, architectural design is a joint effort and therefore involves more than one stakeholder. A large portion of the design process is communication and potentially benefits from digital design tools. This chapter sheds light on aspects of communication that are particularly interesting in mixed and augmented reality applications. Because the virtual environment blends in with the real environment, communication facets such as gaze awareness, social presence and other human factors help to provide a framework on which the use of such media can be evaluated. The goal is to outline a new field of design research which targets the mediated interrelationship of real and virtual space introduced through AR and MR technologies.


Augmented Reality Collaboration Communication 


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