Morphological Evolution of Inhomogeneities Due to Diffusion and Epitaxy

  • H.L. Duan
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The morphological evolution and pattern formation of solids are very important in science and technological applications. In this paper, the morphological instabilities of a core-shell heterostructure consisting of an epitaxially stressed cylinder embedded in the finite shell are investigated when the mass transport along the surface of the shell and the interface between the cylinder and shell is controlled by surface/interface diffusion and volume diffusion, respectively. Due to the epitaxy or thermal change, a mismatch strain located in the cylinder of the core-shell heterostructure is considered. The linear instability of the surface and the interface is analyzed. It is shown that for the core-shell heterostructure of small size at a high temperature, the contribution of the surface/interface diffusion to the morphological evolution is larger than that of volume diffusion.


Linear instability surface/interface diffusion volume diffusion core-shell heterostructured cylinder nanowire 


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  • H.L. Duan
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  1. 1.Institute of NanotechnologyGermany

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