In Search of Explanations

  • Nancy Law
Part of the CERC Studies in Comparative Education book series (CERC, volume 23)

Findings from the SITES 2006 study related to system-, school-, and teacher-level factors pertaining to ICT-use in classrooms were reported in the previous chapters. The results reported in Chapter 6 also indicate that the pedagogical orientation evident in ICT-using teacher practices matters. The findings associate significantly with the kinds of impact ICT-use have on students’ learning outcomes. This chapter seeks to shed more light on these findings by exploring what factors at the school level relate to the magnitude of different ICT-using teacher-practice orientations in schools. Some initial explorations on this have been conducted using two approaches: (1) correlation analysis of the mean ICT-using teacher-practice orientation scores at the system level with the corresponding means for some school-level factors; and (2) multilevel analysis relating the ICT-using lifelong-learning- oriented practices of a teacher with the contextual factors at the teacher’s school. Findings from both analyses are reported in this chapter.


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