Master of Science in Business Administration or MBA: Does It Matter?

An Empirical Study into the Impact of Master Programs in Management
  • Herman van den Bosch
Part of the Advances in Business Education and Training book series (ABET, volume 1)


Henri Mintzberg”s famous dictum that ‘conventional MBA programs train the wrong people in the wrong ways with the wrong consequences’ has been the trigger for the research we describe in this article. The development of a supposed “MBA-mindset” is one of these wrong consequences. The current project in-vestigated the influence of two types of higher education programs in business administration on the development of such a mindset. The programs under study are a Master of Science in Business Administration and a MBA program.

Key Words

MBA Master of Science management mindset 


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  • Herman van den Bosch
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  1. 1.Open Universiteit NederlandThe Netherlands

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