A Tree Based Buyer-Seller Watermarking Protocol

  • Vinu V Das


To restrict the unauthorized duplication and distribution of multimedia contents, a content owner (seller) may insert a unique digital watermark into each copy of the multimedia contents before it is sold to a buyer. Some time later, the seller can trace the unlawful reseller (original buyer) by extracting and checking the watermark embedded, if an illegal replica is found in the market. However, the accusation against the seller cannot be overruled as he also has access to the watermarked copies. This paper proposes a new efficient watermarking protocol which is based on tree model and public key encryption standard. Buyer places the purchase order to sales point which will be forwarded to the certification authority via the dealer. The trusted certification authority issues the watermarked image in such a way that the buyer can check its originality. This prevents the buyer from claiming that an unauthorized copy may have originated from the seller. This gives highest privilege to the user to ensure the quality of the purchased digital content.


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  • Vinu V Das
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  1. 1.Member, IEEE Assistant Professor, Department of Computer ScienceSaintgits College of EngineeringKottayam-686532India

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