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This book presents the Finnish multi-source forest inventory method (MS-NFI) that was developed and applied in connection with the ninth National Forest Inventory of Finland (NFI9). The book also presents a complete set of results. The purpose is to demonstrate both the use of the method and the results in a concrete way for forestry and other applications. The aim is to help the reader in a possible implementation of the method. The method employs satellite images, digital map data and other ancillary data, e.g., predicted coarse scale variations of forest variables, in addition to field data. It produces both small-area estimates of forest parameters, as well as predictions of variables in map form. The first chapter outlines the background of the Finnish national forest inventories and the Finnish multi-source inventories (MS-NFI). Some basic principles of the MS-NFI are explained together with examples of the use of the results. Satellite image-based inventories in other countries are briefly reviewed.


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