Biofuels, Solar and Wind as Renewable Energy Systems

pp 231-257

Biomass Fuel Cycle Boundaries and Parameters: Current Practice and Proposed Methodology

  • Tom GangwerAffiliated with

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A methodology is presented for standardizing Biomass Fuel Cycle (BFC) analysis and evaluation. The Biomass Fuel Cycle Methodology (BFCM) enables eliminating disparities, minimizing differences, and clearly quantifying variations. Standardized templates, modular staging, and normalized analysis formulations are used to disposition technologies, facilities, activities, boundaries, and parameters. The methodology enables presentation of quantification and characterization information in a straightforward standard format applicable across a broad range of BFC’s. BFC literature data is used to illustrate the flexibility, clarity, and diversity of the methodology. The types of insights to be gained concerning the limitations of BFC treatments (boundary shortcomings, energy uncertainties, analysis constraints) are discussed.


Agriculture biodiesel biofuel biomass biorefinery biorefinery boundary corn crop rotation energy ethanol fuel production infrastructure methodology model modular net energy balance net energy value scenario soybean switchgrass template yield