A Screw Syzygy with Applications to Robot Singularity Computation

  • J. M. Selig
  • Peter Donelan


A syzygy is a relation between invariants. In this paper a syzygy is presented between invariants of sequences of six screws under the action of the Euclidean group. This relation is useful in simplifying the computation of the determinant of a robot Jacobian and hence can be used to investigate the singularities of robot manipulators.

Key words

Jacobians determinants singularities 


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Copyright information

© Springer Science+Business Media B.V 2008

Authors and Affiliations

  • J. M. Selig
    • 1
  • Peter Donelan
    • 2
  1. 1.Faculty of Business, Computing and Information ManagementLondon South Bank UniversityLondonUK
  2. 2.School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer ScienceVictoria University of WellingtonWellingtonNew Zealand

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