Theoretical and Physical-Chemical Models for Dynamized Systems: Validation Criteria

  • Carlos Renato Zacharias

Whenever one thinks about how Homeopathy works, one of the first thoughts is the water memory hypothesis. So, why this idea is so common, what does water memory means and how important is this hypothesis? These questions are relevant to understand the science and culture behind the homeopathic phenomenon.

In order to better understand Homeopathy, one can separate two complementary aspects: clinical and fundamental. The first was systematized by Hahnemann in the 18th century and the clinical concepts and practices have been applied and refined since 200 years ago. The theoretical support used on clinics can be found in classical books like the Organon and many versions of the Materia Medica as well as in clinical evidence, obtained in agreement with rigorous methodology, can be found elsewhere (Dantas and Rampes, 2000; Singer et al., 2007; Oberbaum et al., 2003). So the clinical aspect is well established and permits to spread the homeopathic therapeutics and culture, all over the world.


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