Charron And Huet: Two Unexplored Legacies Of Popkin'S Scholarship On Early Modern Skepticism

  • José R. Maia Neto
Part of the International Archives of the History of Ideas book series (ARCH, volume 198)

Richard Popkin' work on the role of ancient skepticism in modern philosophy is quite influential in the fields of the history of philosophy, ideas, science and literature. But when it comes to the particular philosophers he enrolled in the history of early modern skepticism, the reception and fortune of his work has been more diverse. His view that Descartes's philosophy is a response to the skeptical challenge of his time is extremely influential. Other philosophers related to the early modern skeptical tradition such as Bayle, who was little studied before Popkin, now receive much more attention from scholars. The two philosophers examined in this paper, Charron and Huet, still receive, however, very little attention in relation to their importance.


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