The Contribution of Woodlands to the Environment

Part of the World Forests book series (WFSE, volume 6)

One of the main functions of 21st century forestry is that linked to the environment, in relation to biodiversity and climate change. This is an area that has given birth to a wealth of publications and organisations, because an environmentally- friendly image entails, non only non-market benefits, but also clear indirect market benefits. It is therefore essential to bear in mind the context of the production of scientific knowledge in order to review the recognised scientific facts, and expose the fantasies and the exploitation of the tree image meant to elicit support and generate profits. Tree planting, especially deciduous native trees, is a plus for a company’s image, as stressed in the testimonies of firms that claim to have become ‘carbon neutral’. But is it really that efficient in environmental terms? The eighth chapter analyses these issues, focusing on the recognised benefits of trees and the exploitation of their image.


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