Debaryomyces hansenii: An Osmotolerant and Halotolerant Yeast

  • Monika Aggarwal
  • Alok K. Mondal

The yeast Debaryomyces hansenii which was isolated from saline environments such as sea water, concentrated brines, salty food, is one of the most halotolerant species. It can grow in media containing as high as 4 M NaCl, while the growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae is limited in media with more than 1.7 M NaCl. This species is very important for food industry as it is used for surface ripening of cheese and meat products. In the recent past, there is growing interest in understanding the molecular mechanisms of high halotolerance exhibited by D. hansenii. Availability of genome sequence of D. hansenii has opened up new vistas in this direction


Debaryomyces hansenii halotolerance saline environment halophily osmotolerance 


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  • Alok K. Mondal

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