Lessons Learnt – Road Ahead: Summary and Proposal for Golden Rules in Health and Safety

  • Alfred Sutter
Part of the Topics In Safety, Risk, Reliability And Quality book series (TSRQ, volume 13)

The purpose of this chapter is to summarize in a homogeneous way the previous chapters. The summaries are structured in a way to formulate the basic messages with headlines, followed by the summary of each chapter. At the end of each summary, the essential conclusions are given under the heading “Lessons Learnt". In a general synthesis from all chapters, nine golden rules are formulated in the section “The Road Ahead”. Those rules should give the reader in a concise form the essentials for safety and health in the society, corporations, SMEs and individuals. While Chapters 3 and 4.3 deal with health and safety mainly in the context of environmental issues, the summaries and the nine golden rules are rather made in the perspective of occupational health and safety.


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