The Constructed Wetland Association's Database of Constructed Wetland Systems in the UK

  • Paul Cooper

There are now believed to be more than 1,200 constructed wetland (CWs) systems in the UK. The first database of the CWs in the UK was put together by Water Research Centre (WRc) and Severn Trent Water Ltd. in 1996 to accompany a book on the design and performance of these systems. In that database, constructed by Job et al. (1996), only 154 beds were listed, most of which were tertiary sewage treatment sites owned and operated by Severn Trent Water. The Constructed Wetland Association (CWA) was formed in 1999 as a UK water industry body in response to problems caused by unscrupulous constructors. A group of experienced, reputable designers and constructors formed the CWA to bring to together best UK practice in order to counteract this problem. The group contains major water companies, designers, constructors, academics, plant growers and operators. They decided that one of the best ways of countering the problem was to assemble a database of design and performance from well-designed systems in order to demonstrate clearly what good systems could achieve for common treatment requirements. After negotiation the CWA group took over responsibility for the database from WRc. The CWA has produced nine updates of the database, which now contains information from more than 1,000 beds. It contains examples of the different variants of CWs in use in the UK. Most of these sites treat sewage/domestic wastewater but the database also includes examples of systems for the treatment of mine water, sludge, landfill leachate, industrial effluents, surface run-off and road run-off. Particular treatment applications are illustrated by case studies which are summary articles describing design, construction and performance.


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