The Conclusion Is Just the Beginning: Continuing the Conceptualization of a Critical Complex Epistemology

Part of the Explorations of Educational Purpose book series (EXEP, volume 1)

There is so much more to deal with relating to these issues, especially in the way that constructing new epistemologies may be central to human survival. While this is no short book, it is merely an introduction to these knowledge-related issues and their impact on numerous dimensions of human life including the production of selfhood, power relations, the dynamics of colonialism, and ecological sustainability and its implications for the planet’s future. These are grandiose claims, admittedly, but I don’t believe that such ostentation discredits their reality and importance. As I come to this last chapter of Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, I realize how much more I have to write on the topic. I am already planning new books and articles that pick up where I leave off here. With these understandings in mind, I’ll bring this book to a close with a description of a few more dimensions of a critical complex epistemology.


Knowledge Production Multiple Reality Human Suffering Critical Pedagogy Queer Theory 
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