Treatment of Oil-Water Mixture Using Illite Clay Material

  • Fatma Turak
  • Hüseyin Afşar

The aim of this work was to study the simultaneous effect of amount of clay, activation temperature, contact time, pH, and size of the adsorbent on the retention of oil-grease thermally activated illite by adsorption. The values obtained for the percentage of oil-grease removed ranged from 93.87% for 110 ° C up to 66.73% for 900 ° C. The adsorption experiment showed surface that the stronger heat treatment the most effective adsorption of oil-grease.


Adsorption clay illite x-ray diffraction 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Yildiz Technical UniversityFaculty of Science and Art, Department of ChemistryTurkey

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