The CTBTO Preparatory Commission and the PTS - an Organizational Perspective

  • Ola DahlmanEmail author
  • P. Mykkeltveit
  • Hein Haak


In this chapter we look at the CTBTO Preparatory Commission and the PTS from an organizational perspective, summarizing our experience and the results of the different reviews carried out of the PTS and its activities. Turning the spotlight closely on any organization brings out a number of things that can be improved upon and this case is no exception. This does not, in our view, mean that the PrepCom or the PTS have more problems or are less efficient than one might expect of any international organization. On the contrary, we want to recognize the demanding work carried out in Vienna and around the world to implement the CTBT verification regime and prepare for the entry into force of the Treaty. Our intent is not to criticize but rather to identify lessons to be learned. Lessons that may be used to improve the operation of the PTS and lessons relevant for the Technical Secretariat, to be established after entry into force. Some of this experience might also be useful when creating efficient organizations for treaties that might be negotiated in the future.


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