All land-based projects require carbon inventory. Carbon inventory for land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF) projects for climate change mitigation is contentious because of both methodological issues and uncertainty in the data required to estimate gains in carbon stocks. LULUCF projects include carbon mitigation activities in three categories, namely forestry, cropland and grassland. The complexity of methods for estimation and projection of carbon stock changes leads to several methodological issues, which are important to consider at different phases of a project cycle. Examples of methodological issues are non-permanence, leakage and additionality of carbon gains. Some of these issues are also relevant to non-climate mitigation, land-based conservation and development projects. Issues such as non-permanence are unique to land-based mitigation projects. The following methodological issues are addressed in this chapter:

● ?Baseline

● ?Additionality or incrementality

● ?Permanence

● ?Leakage

● ?Project boundary

● ?Scale of projects


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