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Nowadays, the trends in the field of wireless communications, IC technology and packaging are clear. In the world of telecommunications, companies try to meet customers needs and also they strive for as large market share as possible. As a result, a great number of applications have been developed and keep developing. They are supported by different standards. Therefore, fast emerging of new standards for wireless communications is the main trend in this field. Considering the packaging and IC technology, System on a Chip (SoC) and CMOS technology are preferred choices. This means that a full integration of the base-band and RF transceiver on a single die is an ultimate goal. If the achieved performance of such solution is not satisfactory, which can be the case for some very demanding standards, then System in Package (SiP) becomes an alternative. CMOS technology is an appropriate technology to implement digital circuits. For digital circuits, CMOS technology scaling yields an improvement in power consumption, speed and number of transistors per unit area. Hence, scaling down of CMOS technologies to deep submicron processes is a clear trend in IC technologies.


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