From Classroom to ‘Colditz’ via a Learning Support Unit

Part of the Inclusive Education: Cross Cultural Perspectives book series (INED, volume 6)

Peter was referred to the EPS because of concerns about his behaviour and educational progress. His secondary school, Westbourne Park, reported that he had ‘ concentration problems’ and was constantly disrupting other pupils’ learning. He could also be confrontational with staff and very abusive. In general conversation and in class discussion it was evident that Peter was able to understand ideas and reason logically at a good level relative to peers of his own age, but his literacy skills were said to be weak for a boy of his obvious ability. He had not received a statement from the LEA but was being supported at the School Action Plus stage of the Code of Practice, which involved an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and some individual input from a TA (teaching assistant) and from a LM.


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